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At Muffin Mania Cattery none of our cats are caged. (the only times they are in cages are when traveling and at the shows) They are strictly indoor cats and all have the run of the house, which has plenty of viewing windows and cat furniture available to them.


Truman is the offspring of GC Templeton and CH Ashlee. His color is Cream Lynx Point and White with beautiful Blue eyes. His disposition is nearly perfect! He is everybody's friend and not afraid of anything. He spends hours in our laps and sleeping up against us.

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Templeton is one of our male RagaMuffin cats. His color is blue mink and white with beautiful aqua eyes. His parents are Duncan of Rags of Eden and Eve of Rags of Eden. Templeton was born March 18, 2004. He is a big boy and now weighs over 15 pounds. His personality is very laid back and loves to be carried around. He loves people and is our official “door greeter”. He is as close to a big “(polar) teddy bear” as a cat can be.

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Templeton doing the RagaMuffin flop

Such a handsome guy!

The hanging around pose

BEST RagaMuffin Alter and Highest scoring RagaMuffin at the 2008 RAG Show!

Danika is as loving and lovable as she is beautiful. She is our little princess RagaMuffin. Her color is sable-silver mctabby and white and she has green-gold eyes. She was born on June 7, 2004. Her parents are Starry Knight of MufNHonez and Keona of MufNHonez. Danika is very petite, but a very well balanced cat despite her small size.

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At 10 months old Danika is looking very grown-up

Danika's squirrel imitation

I'm sooo...beautiful!

Danika on the stair lookout post




Ashlee is another beautiful tortoiseshell girl. Her official color is Blue Tortie Lynx Point and White with blue eyes. The Tortoiseshell coloration is very subtle so you have to look closely to see it. One side of her face is shaded a blue and the other side is a cream shade, plus her ears are each shaded differently. Her body is a creamy white with areas of cream and blue. She has the lynx point on the ears and rings on the tail with a white tip. And if you are not confused yet, she also has rings on her front legs and has white mittens! Ashlee was born on August 16, 2004. Her parents are Diesel of Ultimate Rags and Darlin Dawn of Ultimate rags. She is a very active girl who loves to run and play in high gear. She is very affectionate and loves to be pet and talked to. And, she loves to talk to you.

Resting on my porch

Can you see my white tipped tail?

I love these basket beds

One of my favorite perches




Grand Champion Olivia

Olivia is another gorgeous tortoiseshell girl. Her official color is Tortoiseshell and White with gold eyes.
 She has a wonderful coat with a cream tipped tail. Olivia is the daughter of GC Templeton and Kameko.


Almost on my back



What a beautiful Tipped Tail!


Lower that teaser down!


Buster Jones
available for adoption
Pictures coming soon...








Available for adoption late Summer 2009
Pictures coming soon...

Bubba Jones
Pictures coming soon...



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